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Call  541 582-3285

The Computer Corral is located in Rogue River Oregon and is owned and operated by Andy Jensen. He has been a computer professional since 1964. He started as an operator, then a programmer, then Director of MIS. The Computer Corral was founded in 1996 and provides services in the areas of hardware, software, web design and graphics. Because the company is an "out of home" business, we are available 24/7 by phone and we can keep the cost to our customers down. On special occasions/circumstances we will provide on-site support, but this is not our general mode of operation.  We work on PC based systems only, no Mac's.



We provide complete hardware services. Building new systems from all new parts to your specs, systems with new and used parts to your specs, trouble shooting, repair or upgrading of your system where parts are available. We do from time to time have used systems available.



We deal with all MS Windows operating systems from 95 thru Windows 7. We do initial formatting of hard drives & loading of the operating system, trouble shooting and fine tuning. We  work on virus/spyware removal, networking of multiple computers, and much more.




The Computer Corral provides web site design and implementation from a simple personal page to the more complex multiple pages such as a business would use. This includes any specialized graphics that may be needed, pictures, graphics, or any other material provided by the customer. The design is done with the complete interaction and approval of the customer.
Ask about Site Hosting at a very attractive fee for new or existing web sites.

Check out WPHR (the site of which this page is a part) and Rite-Way Heating and Air.


Computer System Housekeeping

To view/print computer system cleanup instructions, click here.  



The following are links to the sites of free software that do an excellent job.

Avast - Anti-Virus - Load the Home Version, it's free
Windows Defender - Anti-Spyware - XP only
Incredimail - Fancy E-Mail software
Word Viewer - View word Documents (.doc)
Photo Story 3 for Windows - Build Slide Shows
Calculator Plus - Microsoft Expanded Calculator
Microsoft Download Center
Adobe Reader - PDF File Reader
Adobe Flashplayer - Media Player
Adobe Shockwave - Multimedia Player
Java - Java from Sun Microsystems
Winamp - Media Player
QuickTime - Media Player



Quick Shut Down - Shut Down your system from a tray icon
Core FTP - Web Site DownLoad & UpLoad software
Clock - Analog Clock
Calendar - Click Tray Calendar
Divide Calculate - Divide a Given Length Into Even Measurements


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